Fly Parasites Provided by Useful Farm Products Fly Parasites Provided by Useful Farm Products
Livestock Fly Parasites
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Fly Parasites are silent but deadly to flies.
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Shipments on a Bi-Weekly Basis

Fly Control For Public Animal Attractions

Zoos, safaris and other public animal facilities strive to enrich the quality of life for their animals. Better quality of life for the animals also creates a more satisfied viewing customer. During the spring and summer that means strong fly control is needed so animals are not bothered and customers do not see flies on the animals or around public areas.

If you are not familiar with fly parasites, they are small (pin size) nocturnal wasp-like beneficial insects that will canvass your grounds in search of fly larvae then sting them causing death of the larvae and fly development. Fly larvae are their only food source.

Use Fly Parasites as part of your overall plan for maximum fly suppression!

Why do places like Churchill Downs and Mackinaw Island use our fly parasite programs?

Churchill Downs hosts the Kentucky Derby, its biggest event in early May, well after the fly season has come to Kentucky. They need fast and strong fly control so the 100,000+ guests do not experience flies. No flies in the Mint Julep!

Mackinaw Island is a Michigan resort with a Five Star hotel and quaint shops, but with horse drawn buggies and bicycles as the only transportation. The management doesn’t want the horses or the stables to bring flies to the commercial district and to avoid that they use fly parasites.

Our parasites are used effectively at zoos, safaris and all types of public animal facilities.

Seven years ago one of the largest safari facilities in the USA started a fly parasite program in late May. Now we provide fly parasites for several safaris. They were so pleased they have renewed and expanded their program. Our basic recommendation for zoo facilities is a biweekly shipment, pricing is shown on the Parasite Pricing Page. However often zoo's and safaris require a weekly shipment propgram which we will develop for you.

Many zoos prefer to customize their program so please call or email and one of our representatives will answer your questions or help design a program for your needs.

Also use our Cedar Fly Traps and Electronic Fly Zappers as companion products to help kill adult flies that are laying eggs. Cedar Traps can be placed in areas non visible to the public and will draw flies to the traps and away from the guests and animals.

If your facility has flies that bother the animals or your guests add a Fly Parasite Plan to your fly control program.