Fly Parasites Provided by Useful Farm Products Fly Parasites Provided by Useful Farm Products
Livestock Fly Parasites
Guaranteed Live
Fly Parasites are silent but deadly to flies.
Harmless to the Environment
Shipments on a Bi-Weekly Basis

Horse Stables, Farms and Ranches

Horses love Fly Control and People do too. Knock out and control Flies –That’s the Goal

We can help with three proven effective products: Fly parasites which prevent flies, Cedar Solar Fly
Traps that catch adult flies by the thousands and Electronic Zappers that just keep zapping. These are
products are proven to be ideal for use on horse stables, farms and ranches. They are easy to use and
extremely safe with no warning labels required.

Who are we? Useful Farm Products has been selling fly control products for 35 years. The products
were first proven “useful” on our farm in Michigan with many horses, llamas, yaks and other animals.

Competition and Discounts: We encourage price comparisons. That is sometimes easier to say than do
because plans are structured differently but we will be glad to help. It is meaningful because some
companies have been increasing prices rapidly and you may find 15 to 25% savings. We are pleased to
have no price increases for the 2024 season. We offer discounts for horse rescue farms and therapeutic
riding stables. All customers receive renewal discounts.

So start early and control the flies for a more comfortable summer for your horses, customers and you.
We can help.