Fly Parasites Provided by Useful Farm Products Fly Parasites Provided by Useful Farm Products
Livestock Fly Parasites
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Fly Parasites are silent but deadly to flies.
Harmless to the Environment
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  • Where do the flies come from?
    Almost every farm, zoo, animal park or home with livestock will have flies. They usually are hatched on the premises. Flies breed in moist mediums like manure areas, wet feed areas like hay and silage, food, waste management containers, and even building crevasses.
  • Why use fly parasites?
    Fly parasites are nature’s self-maintenance for fly control known as beneficial insects. They canvass the area seeking fly larva (eggs) for food and reproduction. When they find it they sting the pupa killing off fly development. They are safer than insecticides and will not harm the animals or environment.
  • Will they kill all the flies?
    They can control your fly population but do not kill existing flies. They attack fly larva and kill off future fly hatching. They are silent but deadly killers who can go anywhere on your premises inside and outside to seek out their prey. If they miss a place where flies are developing you may have flies. We always recommend using the Cedar Fly Traps along with the fly parasites for more control. Check out Cedar Fly Traps and Electronic Fly Zappers for more information.
  • How many do I use?
    Check out our pricing system for the type and number of livestock you have. We always recommend a full fly season plan for complete effective control. Flies are very prolific breeders and if left uncontrolled, they will take over. Variables can change the amount needed based on how clean your establishment is or how areas are cleaned up, etc. If you want maximum fly control don’t skimp on the parasites, more is better. Packed in sawdust the fly parasites, in their egg form, are as easy to disperse as grass seed.
  • Do they really work?
    Definitely! When the fly parasite hatches the female must seek food and reproduce. To do so she seeks out fly pupa, stings them and lays eggs in them. This process kills the developing fly. The female fly parasite will sting multiple fly pupa killing each one. The eggs she lays will develop and hatch, helping in your fly control. By constantly releasing fly parasites during the summer and through fly parasite reproduction, your farm will see the nuisance of farms greatly diminished.
  • How much do they cost?
    Check our pricing on the pricing page where guidelines are provided.
    Guaranteed competitive pricing. Customized programs are available. Call us for more information.
  • Who uses fly parasites?
    Fly parasites provide the fundamental foundation for fly control to hundreds of thousands of all types of farms, zoos, and other facilities throughout the USA : dairy farms, deer farms, zoos, small or large farms with horses, alpacas, goats or llamas, dog kennels and special public facilities like Churchill Downs and Mackinaw Island.
If you have questios please call or email and one of our representatives will help you.