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Cedar Fly Traps

For outside usage

Cedar Fly Traps

Item# FC-Traps
$75.50 each

Deluxe cedar fly trap with removeable top for easy cleaning.

Catches thousands of flies in a short time.

Low cost trap - reuseable all season - year after year.

Captures flies, attracts other flies and creates a "beehive" of fly activity inside trap then flies dehydrate and die.

Easy to clean without any messy residue to deal with, just slide the top open and empty dead flies and start over. No messy jars to clean.

Place traps near buildings to keep flies out.  Place them between barns and house to keep flies away from the house.

Use several for complete fly control.

Each trap includes: 1 - 12" x 12" Cedar Trap.
2 packets of bait
2 packets of white powder activator.
1 plastic bait pan and easy instructions.

Price: $75.50 each plus $14.95 each for shipping.

Extra Bait $5.95 per packet. Shipping is $8.95 for up to 10 packets.
For 10 or more packets of bait shipping is $14.95.


"I have used every possible trap and these are the best!"
- Wisconsin Dairy Farmer

These are the original cedar solar deluxe traps made in USA by skilled craftsmen.

A great companion product for fly parasites programs. The fly parasites prevent development and the cedar traps catch flies that exist and reduce fly eggs.

Cedar traps work well to catch flies around the barn and at entries to keep flies out of the barns and also are good to prevent transit of flies to the house or office.