Fly Parasites Provided by Useful Farm Products Fly Parasites Provided by Useful Farm Products Fly Parasites Provided by Useful Farm Products
Livestock Fly Parasites
Guaranteed Live
Fly Parasites are silent but deadly to flies.
Harmless to the Environment
Shipments on a Bi-Weekly Basis

Prices will go up in 2022. Place an order before December at these 2021 prices. Billing will be in May.

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The Flies Are Coming!!
Fly Parasites for Livestock

The Best Fly is a Dead Fly.  Even Better is No Fly!

Goat Program

Every livestock farm, zoo or dog kennel knows flies come each year from natural sources such as manure, compost, wet feed areas, etc. Fly parasites will provide the best fly prevention because they will canvass your facility and reach areas where fly development is happening. These tiny pin head size insects nocturnally canvass an area and burrow down stinging fly pupa which kills it and stops fly emergence thus far fewer flies hatch to bother you or your animals.

Silent, unseen and deadly, they prevent fly emergence and are harmless to animals and the environment. A safe method without bringing chemical sprays and poisons to your facility.

Useful Farm Products has been supplying fly parasites to nationwide customers for 35 years. Unlike insecticides, poison chemicals or sprays fly parasites come with no warning labels because they are totally environmentally safe and effective. If you haven’t used them now is a good time to start a program. We have offices located in Florida, Michigan and Arizona to provide service and product.

Your Farm
Achieve the
“Yoder Effect”
  • Now you can purchase a fly parasite plan for the upcoming fly season at a great 25% DISCOUNT.(discount included in price)
  • Guaranteed the best prices. Discounts are available for all new customers.
  • Plans are designed and shipped to cover your full summer fly season.
    Shipped every other week - the best program for dispersing the parasites.
    Fly Parasites are packed in sawdust - easy to disperse, almost like grass seed.
    The parasites are shipped in units. Each unit has approximately 10,000 parasites.
  • Guaranteed live shipments

Use fly parasites as the fundamental foundation for fly control. Use to patrol all your grounds knocking down fly emergence, If they don’t get all flies they will minimize them and are compatible with other fly control methods. We always recommend adding a couple of cedar solar traps.

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